On behalf of all my Floridians, I can certainly attest to the ‘Vacillating Weather Series’ that we all seem to be starring in. I believe the plot goes something like – cool, crisp mornings and sweltering afternoons? Ring a bell? While Florida’s notion of Fall, or lack there of, is leaving us all standing, scratching our heads, I could not wait any longer to break out my Fall duds.

If you’re ever lucky enough to find THE perfect flannel, hold it tight, run (don’t walk) to the checkout counter, and never let it go. As soon as I spotted this flannel from J. Crew Factory, I knew that it belonged in my closet and I wasn’t leaving without it. Based with an airy, creamy hue, precise, navy check, + slight lining, this flannel covers every base that ‘Florida Fall’ may throw at ya.

Have a fabulous, safe weekend!