Y’all. Let me start off by saying that life has a funny way of wrapping you up in all of its craziness – hence my lack of presence here in this little corner of the internet. Soooo, I figured I would give a quick run-down on what has been going on since my last post here on the Punctuated P!

  1. In late February, I flew to Fayetteville, Arkansas, for the weekend to visit my BFF, Tori. Fayetteville is the cutest little town and it makes me so excited to leave for UF in a few short months! Can’t. Wait!!!
  2. Alex and I celebrated four years together on March 4th! To commemorate, we did the two things that we do best – food + baseball. We tried out a steakhouse several people had recommended in downtown Tampa and then took a day trip down to Ft. Myers to watch a Boston Spring Training Game at Fenway South the following week. Sooo much fun!
  3. On March 29th, our incredibly beloved family dog, Cooper, passed away. While we are (and always will be) heartbroken of his passing, we are so thankful to have been able to love him for as long as we did.
  4. I finaaaally made my big trek to the Big Apple. I was on cloud nine (or cloud Fifth Avenue, rather). Ha! Although, I’m not sure I’m ready to trade in my bathing suit + sunglasses for the concrete jungle, quite yet.
  5. Annnnd last, but surely not the least, Alex signed his National Letter of Intent to play baseball at Marshall University. I am so incredibly, proud and excited for him to tackle (& conquer) this opportunity!

Now that we are wrapping up April and making a beeline for May, I am in full-fledged beach mode. Which explains today’s post – ‘What’s in my Beach Bag?’ I have compiled all products that can be consistently found in my own beach bag, in hopes that it can help make your beach routine just a tad easier!

Oh, and am I the only one who has gone completely bag crazy, lately? If not, I’ve linked a few super (!!!!) cute potential beach bags below the graphic.



B E A C H  B A G S

Putting this together for y’all has made me wistful for a tropical getaway. Soon, perhaps? Stay tuned to find out!