Hey hey hey! I have looooots of photos to share with y’all, so take a seat and get comfy. As I’m sure you could tell by my overload of Instagram posts, my Spring Break was last week! My friend Katie & her amazing parents invited me, along with several of our friends, to the Bahamas and welllll… it was truly magical!

I’ve divided the photos into the days of the trip in which they were taken and also added widgets under each day, so y’all can shop my outfits from the trip! Some of the items I could not link or were no longer online, so I tried to link similar pieces!


Going through all of the pictures from the trip is making me nostalgic and longing for just one, last dip in the INSANELY blue Bahamian water. Especially considering, it is in the low 60s today in Gainesville. UGH.

Let the countdown to Summer Break commence!

Ooooo, I’m also gonna link my friends’ Instagram handles below if y’all have an itch for more #SB2018 pics that ya need to scratch!