A while back I mentioned that I would do a ‘Let’s Do Brunch’ post every now and again to catch you up on my everyday life, soooo after another lengthy hiatus here we are!!

  1. Annnnddd whether we like it or not, it’s already that time of year again! I am back in Gainesville and back in the swing of all things school. It has been SO great catching up with all of my Tri Delt gal pals and finally being in the home stretch!
  2. By home stretch I meaaaannnn, I will officially be a UF Grad this upcoming Spring!!! While it is a bit bittersweet graduating so early, I feel as though it makes the most sense with planning on going to law school. With that said, I will be preparing for law school applications, so I am taking any & all LSAT suggestions, tips, etc!
  3. I interned with Special Olympics Florida this summer and if you know me, you know how near & dear to my heart this organization is. It has not only been an honor to continue being apart of this organization, but to have learned even more than I could have imagined. I have a feeling that I will always be involved in Special Olympics and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Here is a quick photo synopsis of what I have been up to since my last post!!

Fun Fact: Huck & I have the same birthday – April 17th! On my birthday, my mom and younger sister, Ella, brought Huck up to Gainesville so we could celebrate our birthday together!

A quick snap from our Orange & Blue Spring football game! Go gataaaaa!

Mia & I at our Tri Delta Formal – Pearl Jam in Jax Beach!

Alex turned the ‘Big 21’!!! Woot woot!

One of the many beach days this Summer!! Ugh, I seriously miss the beach SO much when I’m here in Gainesville!

There’s something about a hotdog & the ballpark lights that gets me every time!! My family & I went to NYC this Summer and got to catch a Mets game! SOOOO fun!!

My cousin, Taylor, got married this Summer, so we road tripped from NYC to Michigan. This is a quick shot of a cute bookshop we ran across.

Before we went up for the wedding, it had been a while since I had been in Michigan and I forgot how BIG and CLEAR Lake Michigan is. Absolutely beautiful & I can’t wait to go back!!!

Y’all, my sweet baby sister turned SIXTEEN this Summer….HOW???

Andddd back in The Swamp! Gosh, I love this place.

OH yeah, and Grey moved to Oxford, Mississippi, for his freshman year at Ole Miss!!! Eeeek! It’s so odd to me that Ella is driving and Greyson is in college. LOL WHAT. Mom is SO close to an empty nest!!!

Katie & I during Spirit Week!!! Lots of love for this one!!! :’)

Have to share a few pics from Bid Day, because well #duh.

Ugh, LOVE.

We love PC ’18!!!

Gamedays are  B A C K!!!

Audrey & I took a quick weekend trip to Jacksonville to visit Alex and had sun shower filled beach day! Oops.

I’ve added a few pieces featured in the photos that are still available, as well as, similar pieces!!

I have officially caught y’all up on allllll that has occurred since the last time I’ve chatted here on the Punctuated P. I so hope that I am able to keep up with my little corner of the internet a bit better this year, so fingers crossed!!! Annndddd…

A Few Little Things I’m Looking Forward To: 

  1. More GAMEDAYS
  2. Runs in Ben Hill Griffin – I loooove a good sunset run in the stadium.
  3. Homework dates w/ my pals in my favorite little coffee shop in Gainesville.


Alright, y’all – until next time!!!