Hey hey hey! As you may know, it has been a minute since I have last been on the blog. Ugh, #college. Anywhooo…

I was showering (where all great ideas are truly cultivated, am I right? hahaha) the other day and realized that I have been riding prettyyyy steady with a multitude of products all year that have worked well for me, so figured I might as well do a quick roundup of my favorite products of 2018! Soooo here we are!

I’ve separated all of my favs into their respective categories for easy browsing – style, skin, hair, home, and misc!


  1. Marc Fisher Espadrille Wedges | I have had the Adalyn Marc Fisher wedges for a few years and have worn them out a million times over. So much so, I decided it was time to retire them into my ‘Gainesville only’ shoe pile (if you’re in college, you know) and splurge on a new pair. I stumbled upon the Annie Perforated wedge (actually on sale right now at Nordstrom Rack! You can find them – here) while browsing around in Nordstrom one day and they have quickly become my new go-to.
  2. Anthropologie Initial Necklace | I got this necklace for Christmas last year and I wear it alllll the time. Super cute, simple statement piece of 2018!
  3. Scarf Belt | I am honestly not even sure if this is an actual thing, buuuut I desperately needed a belt one day, so I threw on a random scarf/bandana number around my waist and have been doing it with various scarfs and/or bandanas ever since! If you see me at all or follow me on Instagram, you probably know exactly what I am referring to. I’ve linked a few of my favorites down below!
  4. Daniel Wellington Watch | As always, my Daniel Wellington watch remained a staple in 2018 and will definitely follow me into 2019! Receive 15% off with my coupon code – PRESLEY15!
  1. Aveda Products | I have been using Aveda products for a few years now, but feel like I’ve really been noticing a difference this year. I have fine, thin hair that has a tendency to fall flat and just be like eh, so Aveda’s Pure Abundance line has reallllly helped me out. I use the Pure Abundance Shampoo, Conditioner, and Style Prep religiously. I also love and use Aveda’s Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair, Air Control hairspray, and Light Elements Smoothing Fluid.
  2. Project Beauty Hairgurt | I was in Anthro one day and I saw this lady grabbing like five of these Hairgurt hair masks, so naturally I had to have one myself and give it a go. Welllll, so glad I did. I use this probably once a week and it makes my hair smell SO good and SO soft. I have the Almond Honey one, but am dying to try the Strawberry Banana version!
  1. Moisturizers | I am a skincare fiend and am constantly trying out new moisturizers, but I have really liked the Algenist Regenerative Moisturizer and the Weleda Skin Food this year. I will use the Algenist moisturizer during the day and the Weleda Skin Food after I get out of the shower and before I go to bed, because it’s a little heavier.
  2. Sara Happ Lip Gloss | If there’s anything, you need from this post today – it’s this lip gloss. I have long been a fan of Sara Happ lip products, but just grabbed this one in the color ‘nude’ at Anthropologie one day (…this is a common theme. LOL oops.) and it is my holy grail. My friend, Audrey, literally calls it the ‘magic gloss’. Annddd major plus – it doesn’t give your lips that dreaded sticky feeling that often times accompanies lip glosses.
  3. Honest Beauty | To be completely transparent, I decided to try out Honest Beauty’s mascara and makeup remover wipes solely because of the packaging and I just so happened to need to restock on both items. Buuutttt, literally never turning back – LOVE them both!
  1. Capri Blue Volcano Candle | Does this really need an explanation? Capri Blue’s Volcano Candle will always be a favorite and I am constantly burning this in my apartment. Ugh, I love it.
  2. Lavender + Chamomile Pillow Spray | My roommate Lauren and I bought pillow spray (similar linked) a while back for the heck of it and it smells SO good. I’m not sure if it actually helps me sleep better, but the smell is reason enough to keep it around!
  3. Essential Oils Diffuser | I received an essential oils diffuser and an essential oils set for Christmas last year and I am constantly using it! I have terrible allergies, so I feel the diffuser really helps me feel not so congested!
  1. Lululemon Backpack | I had been using my North Face backpack for what felt like an eternity, so I was on the hunt for a new one when Audrey showed me her Lululemon backpack and I fell in love. It’s super versatile, making it easy to use for school, the gym, or quick trips!
  2. Capri Blue Volcano Hand Cream | I bought the Capri Blue Volcano hand cream to keep in my backpack for school and it’s the greatest! Makes my hands super soft and smells like my fav candle!
  3. Louis Vuitton Key Pouch | I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this here on the blog before, but it has remained a favorite. I hook this onto my keys and voila! Probably my best purchase ever!
  4. Starbucks Order | Venti iced coffee with almond milk w/ slightly sweeten chai has been my new favorite drink if I feel like jazzing up my usual order at Starbucks. Not super sweet, so has a slight hint of chai and I love it! Some Starbucks no longer carry the lightly sweetened version, so I’ll just ask for one pump of the regular chai.

Annddd there ya have it – my favorites of 2018!

Here’s to 2019!!!